Atlas Query Microsoft Excel Add-In Privacy Policy

I created the Atlas Query add-in for Microsoft Excel  teach SQL to my university students.  Because they found it useful, I decided to make the add-in available to the public.  Your privacy is very important to me. Accordingly, I have developed this policy so you can understand how I collect, use, communicate, disclose and make use of information you provide in the course of using the add-in.

What Data I Collect and Store

First, I do not collect any personally identifying information. Although I do not currently log the queries you write in the add-in, I can imagine that imagine a line of academic inquiry that would benefit by examining common errors that query writers make in formulating Structured Query Language (SQL) queries.  At some point, I may choose to log queries that are submitted and any error messages that are returned along with the time it takes to execute those queries.  At no point will I store user names, passwords, or query results that pass through the add-in.

What Privacy Controls are Protecting User Data

I will protect all information collected by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.

How Data are Used

I will use any data collected to make improvements to the add-in and for academic inquiry any publication that uses the data will not disclose any individual's use of the system.

I are committed to administering the add-in in accordance with these principles to ensure the privacy of add-in users.

Professor Gove Allen, PhD